Apple Offers ‘Kidney For Iphone XS’ Promotion


n response to complaints about the Iphone XS’s price, Apple has responded with a special offer for its Singaporean customers.


“For a limited time only, customers with no health conditions can trade-in either their left or right kidney for a 60% discount on the Iphone XS,” said Apple Spokesperson Ms. Hua Wei Kok.


To enjoy this promotion, simply make an appointment at Apple’s Flagship store at Orchard. When you arrive, the genius bar will sedate you, liberate your kidney, then sign you up to receive the latest news and promotions via email.


Once the procedure is complete, customers can claim their special discount and a complimentary set of Apple bandages worth $129.99.


Although some consumers have expressed concern about how Apple’s operation violates privacy, most would-be organ donors were enthusiastic. Surgery slots were booked out within minutes of the announcement.


Self-confessed Apple Fanboy Eugene Liew told RoJaK’s reporters: “I can still live with one kidney, but a life without an Iphone is not a life worth living.”