After 3 Years Of Marriage, S’porean Couple Ready To Have First Netflix Account Together

[Bidadari] After 3 years of ups and downs, tears and laughter, Singaporean millennial couple Jennifer and Aaron Seah have decided they are ready to take the next step: having their first Netflix account, together.


“It’s a massive investment in terms of time, money and responsibility, but Jenn and I have always wanted a Netflix account of our own,” Aaron, 31, explained.


“I think now is the right time.”


“We love watching and playing with my sister’s Netflix account,” Jennifer, 29, added.


Despite worries that their Netflix Account would feel lonely, the couple decided against having Spotify Premium because ‘one account is enough’. Having ‘two subscriptions’ would be a ‘monumental commitment’, said the couple, who feel entirely unprepared for challenges ahead.