Following Transport Fare Hike, McDonald’s Raises Price of Vanilla Cone by S$0.06


cDonald’s has increased the price of the vanilla cone by 6 cents, bringing the price of the humble vanilla cone to a staggering new high of 76 cents.


Mr Ronald Chua, Marketing Head of McDonald’s Singapore, explained the reasoning behind the price increase:


“Like the recent public transport fare hike, we have implemented a new algorithm which helps take into account the amount of vanilla ice cream produced and how it corresponds with the number of people who buy the vanilla cone. From there, we adjust the price of the vanilla cone,” he said.


Mr Harry Goh, a daily patron of McDonald’s, felt that it was only a matter of time before the price of the vanilla cone increased.


“Last time Macs ice cream only 25 cents. If I take bus 45 cents. Now, bus fare increase, so of course ice cream price will increase la!”


At the same time, McDonald’s has taken a leaf out of the government’s playbook by providing support to some of those enraged by this fare hike.


“I am proud to announce that all obese Singaporeans will continue to pay 70 cents for their vanilla cones!” Mr Chua beamed.


He explained, “This was inspired by the fare subsidies that will be provided to the needy.”


“All you have to do is to quote your BMI to our friendly counter staff, and you can have a vanilla cone for just 70 cents,” he added.


The price of McFlurries and Sundaes will not be affected.