SAF’s Newest Mentaiko Pasta Combat Ration Is A Hit With Younger Recruits


ecruits rejoice! SAF has launched a new combat ration specially designed for Millennial NSFs—The Mentaiko Pasta With Salted Egg Sauce.


“Mindef must change as the times change,” said Smrt CEO Tan Hong Gan, who presided over the media tasting event.


“We hope this new ration will appeal to younger soldiers and boost organisational morale.”


The Mentaiko pasta ration is part of a broader effort to make NS more appealing to the new generation. According to press officers, Mindef is also experimenting with a Matcha Frappuccino dessert pack and Truffle-oil Biscuits for the accessory pack.


It is even collaborating with Gardenia to produce a Avocado-version of the popular night snack roll.


However, reviews have been mixed thus far. Some servicemen have welcomed the new menu as a change from the usual indistinguishable tomato goop, but others—such as Warrant Lim—have expressed reticence about Mentaiko Pasta.


He said: “Chee bai, last time they give us what we eat what. Nowadays NSF so good life.”


Image credit: Da Photographer