‘Standards Have Dropped’ At Once Famous Biryani Stall, Says Disappointed Pigeon


fter landing on a Kopitiam table and brazenly pecking away at the leftovers of a Mutton Biryani, Ellie Flap, a Singaporean Pigeon, decided that ‘standards have dropped’ at the once famous 467 Indian-Muslim Stall.


“I used to fly here all the time for lunch but this is really disappointing,” she chirped, “The rice is quite dry and there’s something about the curry is missing.”


The nearby flock of crows agreed. After scant mouthfuls, most hopped over to another table to avail themselves of Bak Chor Mee instead.


“In the old days, this place used to be so popular that we could get a few beak-fuls before the humans chased us away in disgust. Nowadays, it’s mostly empty and I don’t blame them,” tweeted one of the adult males.


After twenty minutes, the flock took wing and flew away after hearing rumours of a newly-opened Bubble-tea franchise.