Fiona Xie Unveils Extreme Method Acting to Transform Into Lauded Kitty Pong Role For Crazy Rich Asians


ince the launch of Crazy Rich Asians a week ago, viewers across Singapore have been raving about the critically-acclaimed performance of Kitty Pong by highly regarded local actress Fiona Xie, best known for her roles in My Little Genie and City Beat.


Her secret? Her life-long dedication to Method Acting.


According to our sources, Fiona Xie has been immersing herself for almost 36 years in this role of a “gold digger” who often surrounds herself with younger men.


She was said to be inspired by Daniel Day Lewis’ performance in Lincoln.


“Playing Kitty Pong was really out of the character for me, but I know it was god’s calling,” Fiona Xie shares in an exclusive ROJAK interview.


“To really get into the role, I had to surround myself with B-list celebrities in Singapore and wear revealing clothes which I was not initially comfortable with. My 36 years honing my craft really paid off.”


John Choo, the director of CRA was rumoured to have shared: “Watching her transformation everyday on set was inspiring.”


Image credit: The Hollywood Lawyer