Cai Png Stall Changes Entire Menu To ‘Ze Ge’ and ‘Na Ge’


o accommodate the decline of mandarin in Singapore, a cai png stall at Bedok food centre has changed its entire menu to ‘Ze Ge’ (this) and ‘Na Ge’ (that).


Stall owner Mr. Ong, 60, told Lianhe Wanbao that he renamed his dishes in response to a ‘changing culinary landscape’ where most patrons were entirely ignorant of Chinese dish names – be it clam, aubergine or curry vegetable.


‘Even after I wrote the names on a sign, most people just point their fingers and say ‘ze ge’ anyway, so I thought: what the hell.’ he told reporters.


Since the change, business has boomed for Mr. Ong’s Finger Also Can Mixed Vegetable. At lunchtime, there were long queues as customers waited to taste the hawker’s signature ‘ze ge’, ‘na ge’ and ‘na ge’ with ‘a bit of ze ge’.


“The new system is great’, said Joshua Lee, 29, ‘I feel much more confident ordering my food, now that I can refer to each dish by its proper name.’